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How to improve Officer safety and efficiency in the field

Posted On May 22, 2014 4:29:00 PM by Jeff Weinstein

In todays world, Officers are faced with an increasingly difficult challenge.  How to do more (or in some cases, the same) with less?  It is an issue facing Police Agencies throughout the US.  The reality is that City revenues are substantially lower due to reduced revenue from property tax.  This has led to declining budgets with some cities even going bankrupt.  Police Agencies and personnel at all levels are feeling the impact. The question that arises is how do Police Officers perform their duties effectively, without compromising their own safety or that of the community they serve.

I hope to address these issues in this and future blogs with the use of technology and innovation.  I come from a background of solving all issues using innovative ideas.  In most cases, this was in the field of technology and the implementation of a technological solution, but sometimes it was simply using a different mindset to solve a problem.  While I always looked at a process to determine efficiency within the process, I later learned this methodology was called "Lean".  I subsequently studied and used the lean methedology in everything i was involved in.

I phrased the title of this blog with careful thought.  While efficiciency is important as ultimately everything is driven by dollars, Officer safety is my primary concern.  I happen to think these 2 pillars go hand in hand, provided the right company is behind it.  Let me give you an example, APS sells electronic ticketing, but the objective is not just to make the process of getting citations issued in the field and into the court and records management system quickly and without error.  The main objective is to try and get the officer off the side of the road and out of harms way as quickly as possible.  Knowing that 2nd only to domestic violence calls, traffic stops are the most dangerous incidents a police officer faces on a daily basis, this solution is efficient, cost effective and provides a safer work environment.

I hope to explore this interesting and important topic throughout my blog postings, and look forward to any comments and feedback that you might provide.

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