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Uses of Google Glass for Law Enforcement

Posted On Jun 23, 2014 2:47:00 PM by Jeff Weinstein

Like many of you out there, I keep on hearing about Google Glass and how it will impact our lives.  I have yet to see it, but i am hopeful and positive about the concept.  Mainly, I hear stories at a consumer level, but I believe it has many positive applications for the field of law enforcement too.  More and more, officers are being asked to wear cameras to document engagements.  This allows an officer to present evidence, if needed, to justify their actions and prove their case.  This is extremely effective, and many Agencies are adopting this technology...but Google Glass can take it one step further.  

With Google Glass, not only can an officer document the engagement, but they can also interact with it to send and receive valuable and actionable information.  This can increase officer safety and provide additional evidence if needed.

There are so many cases when this can have a positive impact, but lets discuss just one.  Imagine that an officer could run a DL through the usual NCIC and State queries by just looking at the license in front of them. Google Glass would use OCR to determine the name and DL number to run the query.  No more returning to the vehicle to run a query on an MDT, scanning it on an expensive handheld or calling it in on the radio.  Google Glass doesn't just run the query and display the abridged results, but it also privately verbalizes the response directly in the officers ear immediately flagging any important information, such as wants and warrants.  In addition, It can also display the associated DMV image to the officer through Google Glass so the officer can validate it is accurate.  

This information is both actionable and timely, and because it is integrated seamlessly, the officer doesn't have to take their eyes of the violator and create a potentially dangerous situation.  In addition, the entire engagement is being recorded and uploaded in real time to the Agency.  Should a dangerous situation arise, the Agency can call in additional units as well as keep a record of events should a court appearance be required.


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