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Improving Operational Efficiencies for Courts

Save time and money by reducing delays and errors in your citation process.  A manual citation process is inefficient because there are too many delays in the process. After the officer writes a citation by hand the citation remains with the officer until the end of his or her shift. There is additional waiting after the citation is transfered to the law enforcement clerk for entry into the Records Management System.  Once the citation is sent from law enforcement to the  courts, more time is spent analyzing it to ensure accuracy before entering the data into the courts system. This process is days long.

With eCitation, the process is reduced from days to hours and free of errors because it is automated. Police officers spend less time entering data. By scanning the offender's drivers license the eCitation is auto-populated and crucial information like violation numbers can be selected from a drop down menu. This eliminates data entry errors. Once the citation is issued, it can be electronically stored and shared with all agencies.  The wait time is significantly reduced for everyone in the process, from the offender to the clerks.

Automate your citation process and you will:
  • Reduce delays in the citation process
  • Eliminate data entry errors and reduce processing cost
  • Enable printing, storing and sharing of citation with everyone in the process
  • Improve customer service with the public by providing quick and easy access to information

Illinois's Cook and Dupage County Circuit Courts have adopted the eCitation system.  Watch to learn how they are benefiting from eCitation.

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