Law Enforcement Technology

Delivering Advanced Technologies to Law Enforcement Since 1998

With more than 320 million citizens and thousands of cities and towns to protect in the United States, law enforcement need innovative technologies that will help them stay on top of it all. We develop state-of-the-art technologies for law enforcement and are committed to delivering products that they can rely on now and in the future.  We partner with law enforcement to ensure that as they serve around-the-clock to protect U.S. citizens and property that they are equipped with the best solutions to do their jobs efficiently.

Our automated solutions for law enforcement are advanced, affordable and reliable.


Virtual Partner 2.0 is our next generation eCitation and eForms platform. With this technology, officers can issue citations electronically, enabling faster and safer roadside stops.

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QuickVoice™ software eliminates the need for officers to look at a computer screen as they receive critical NCIC, motor vehicle, and warrant information audibly via the mobile computer. Quick voice speaks back pertinent information in a clear human voice.

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eCrash enables officers to complete crash/accident reports faster and more accurately. Officers can easily create accident diagrams, reconstruct crash scenes and submit reports from the field.

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Increase officer safety and productivity with our automated solutions.

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