Computers talk back to cops

Police in Orlando will soon be equipped with a new crime-fighting tool, courtesy of a South Florida software company. Read More

A Voice Interface for Mobile Data

One of the unfortunate downsides of the mobile data era is an increase in the number of wrecked police cars. In a perfect world, with perfect officers, everyone would pull to the side of the road,... Read More

Greece gets high-tech traffic tickets

GREECE — Illegible handwritten traffic tickets in Greece will be a thing of the past when the Police Department gets an electronic ticketing system in January. Read More

Greece Police using new technology to issue traffic tickets

You've heard of e-mail. Well now there's the e-ticket. The state police have been using the e-ticket technology for some time and now Greece Police have become the first local law enforcement agency... Read More

New software eases police workload: Traffic ticket information moves faster to Bellaire's Municipal Court

If you drive in or through Bellaire, this is a heads-up. Read More

Law Enforcement Agencies Drive Efficiencies With Bar Code Printers and Software From Zebra Technologies and Its Partners

From Evidence and Property Management to Mobile Electronic Ticketing, Bar Code Technology Is Driving Down Costs and Boosting Productivity for Police Agencies and Forensic Crime Labs Nationwide VERNON... Read More

New gear keeps cops' eyes on road

Two police agencies use a talking computer so officers can obtain tag information while driving. Read More

Valdosta police using new information system

New technology used by Valdosta Police Department’s Patrol Division will save officers time and allow for more efficient information recording. Read More

Police no longer 'writing' tickets

MELBOURNE BEACH - When Melbourne Beach police Officer Rick Dovale pulls over a speeder or other traffic-law breaker, ball-point pens rarely are involved anymore. Read More

Printed tickets will protect officers

SUISUN CITY - Traffic stops will be a lot speedier in this city with new hand-held devices that can issue a ticket in under three minutes. Read More