Computers talk back to cops

Posted On Feb 23, 2016 4:03:06 PM by Advanced Public Safety

Police in Orlando will soon be equipped with a new crime-fighting tool, courtesy of a South Florida software company.

Advanced Public Safety Inc. has a contract to deploy its Virtual Partner software to help police handle all the information now within their reach. "It doesn't replace what they have," says company President Jeff Rubenstein. "It provides enhancements." For instance, an officer following a car can query state databases with that car's license plate number. Instead of glancing over at a screen to scan through lines of vehicle and registration information, the Virtual Partner software does the scanning. Then it speaks. When something is amiss, such as an expired registration or an outstanding warrant for the auto's owner, the machine speaks up a little louder.

Beyond scanning records, the computer can help with creating new records. In writing tickets and completing investigation reports, police often spend hours filling out repetitive forms. The Virtual Partner looks out for some of those details and can fill in the obvious ones, such as name, birthdate, address and the like.

Beyond Orlando, the Virtual Partner is on board in a number of Florida agencies, including the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and police departments in Delray Beach, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.

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