Greece Police using new technology to issue traffic tickets

Posted On Feb 23, 2016 3:38:32 PM by Advanced Public Safety

You've heard of e-mail. Well now there's the e-ticket. The state police have been using the e-ticket technology for some time and now Greece Police have become the first local law enforcement agency in Monroe County to use it.

Officer Norm Gerhard is one of about a half-dozen Greece Police officers who are field-testing the new e-ticket technology.

Under the old way the officer had to physically write the information on the ticket then that information had to be entered into the system by clerks at various stages of the court process.

Now when there's a traffic stop, officers use a handheld device that scans the driver’s license. The violator then gets an e-ticket that is printed out right in the patrol car. It saves time. 15 minutes or less versus the 20-to-25 it used to. “Obviously that's my number one concern, that I'm safe. And the motorist I stop to be safe. And obviously the other people who are still on the road. So the longer that we don't tie up traffic on the road, its safer,” said Gerhard.

At the end of the officer's shift, the information is downloaded into the system. In the future, it will all be done instantaneously with wireless technology. “You have to stay ahead of it. The biggest problem we have it's changing so fast. You get caught up and the next day you're behind again,” said Greece Police Chief Merritt Rahn.

The technology also has what's called a virtual partner using the police radio frequency. T's like having another officer in the car to read the pertinent information to you.   Officers are able to keep their eyes on the car and traffic instead of a computer screen.

Eventually, all 23 Greece Police cars will be equipped, and the rest of the force will be trained.

Greece expects to save tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars by eliminating several clerks’ positions through attrition.

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