Business of the Year

Finalists Advanced Public Safety President & CEO: Jeff Rubenstein Web site: Address: 500 Fairway Drive, Suite 204, Deerfield Beach 33441 Phone: (561) 354-3000 Advanced Public Safety (APS)... Read More

Electronic Ticketing

Ottawa Police streamline ticketing with technology and respond to community priorities For decades, law enforcement agencies have been issuing traffic tickets using the same paper-intensive, highly... Read More

Police move to e-tickets

After citizens of the city of Ottawa will find it more difficult to fight tickets issued by traffic officers. Gone are the days of hand-written tickets, as the Ottawa Police Sercive (OPS) will be... Read More

Zebra Technologies Partners Help Customers Increase Efficiencies and Maximize Revenue Generated By Mobile Workforce

Zebra Mobile Printers and Parner Software Solutions Provide Route Accounting Workers and Law Enforcement Agencies With Automatic Data Capture, Receipt Generation And Eticketing Applications Read More

Clackamas Co. police try high-tech ticket system

CLACKAMAS -- Clackamas County is going high-tech with its ticketing process. No more messy writing to decipher - the new system looks more like a Palm Pilot than a ticket log. Read More

New Handheld Device Speeds Along Traffic Tickets

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Getting a speeding ticket is rarely a pleasant experience. But police in Clackamas County are trying to make it a little bit better through electronic ticketing. Read More

Post Falls police to try 'e-citations'; 'Paperless' tickets among latest; innovations in tech-savvy city

For a small city, Post Falls is earning a big reputavtion for its use of new technology. Read More

Text-to-speech app gives police a virtual partner

Sometimes it just takes a shift in perspective to solve a glaring problem. That's what happened to Jeff Rubenstein, a reserve police officer in Delray Beach, Fla., who shifted from night work to the... Read More

Traffic tickets go high-tech

Hand-held gadgets and computers issue a ticket with a swiper of the driver's license. Police around the area are getting out of the business of writing traffic tickets. Read More

New computers speed deputies' work

Last month, the Wayne County Sheriffs Office deployed the first of 20 mobile data computers utilizing the new "AirCard" technology offered by Verizon Wireless. Read More