Valdosta police using new information system

Posted On Feb 23, 2016 3:05:56 PM by Advanced Public Safety

New technology used by Valdosta Police Department’s Patrol Division will save officers time and allow for more efficient information recording.

An officer enters a driver’s license or tag number into the mobile data terminal software. Information on the driver is returned to the officer. If the officer decides to issue a citation, the citation template is automatically populated with information from the driver’s license and/or tag. The officer then may print the citation from a portable printer inside the patrol vehicle.

When the license information comes back from the computer, the computer voice software speaks to the officers and reports the license’s status. This allows the officer to keep his attention on the driver. Once a citation is issued, the information is automatically sent back to the police department records section for processing.

The technology saves an officer time in writing a citation and recording information and provides a better product overall. The citations are also more legible.

There are 62 patrol vehicles being fitted with the program and printer. This means every officer from patrolman to sergeant will be equipped with the new product.

The main cost of the program and the printers are from federal law enforcement block grants. This was another innovation that Chief Frank Simons envisioned for the department back in 1996, said Capt. Brian Childress, VPD public information officer.

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