Virtual Partner 2.0

Next Generation eCitation 

When you select Virtual Partner 2.0 (VP2) as your electronic citation solution you are choosing a better way to issue citations, work with other public safety agencies and interact with the community.  With this patented solution, police officers conduct faster and safer traffic stops.  Law enforcement and court staff can quickly access, analyze, store, and share the data. Citizens can get back on their journey faster. VP2 enables agencies to take their eCitation process from good to great.

  • Easy to useWhen you start the eCitation the driver and vehicle information is auto-populated into the form.  Use the navigation to quickly complete the form and issue citation in seconds. Use the signature capture feature to electronically sign the form. 
  • Store citation data securelyCitation data is stored in the CJIS conforming Microsoft Azure Government cloud, which meets the rigorous compliance requirements of U.S. law enforcement agencies. 
  • Share citation data with other public safety agenciesGive other agencies access to the data for house reporting, courts, RMS and other databases using our secure Application Programming Interface (API).

Virtual Partner 2.0


How Virtual Partner 2.0 Works

Walk through screenshots of an officer issuing a traffic citation in Virtual Partner 2.0. See how the system allows for a smooth and painless transition from paper to electronic ticketing.

See Virtual Partner 2.0 in action.

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