Our QuickVoice software provides an audible voice that reads the data received on mobile computers in patrol vehicles. QuickVoice, a patented technology, works in conjunction with each agency’s current mobile data software to analyze all of the data returned from a mobile query and then reads – in a clear human voice – key NCIC, motor vehicle, warrant and other pertinent information to officers. 

  • Enables officers to obtain information on dangerous suspects/vehicles without looking at the computer screen
  • Allows all information received on the mobile computer to beevaluated quickly and accurately
  • Decreases patrol vehicle accidents by minimizing screen distraction
  • Reduces contact time with law violators
  • Provides voice prompts with alert tones for high-priority information
  • Works with any mobile data software - no need to replace existing technology
QuickVoice Sample Text

Listen to an audio sample

After using your software during the trial period, our deputies were very excited. My deputies like it because it allows them more time to observe and maintain a visual on the violator during traffic stops. This enhances officer safety."

Rick Gardner, Captain
Bedford County Sheriff’s Office

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